Times Are A Changing

In the world of preparedness, people are waking up to see that things are changing at a pretty dramatic pace.  There are so many things to be aware of, things to be watching in the news, and natural disasters to be ready for.   With the dynamics of this world constantly changing and keeping us on our toes, we have to be prepared for the unknown, and ever watchful.  And with every different dynamic of change, there is a different view point on what to watch for and what to prepare for.

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Some people are really concerned with climate change, and prepare for the apocalypse that they believe is coming.  There is no doubt that climate change is wreaking havoc with flooding, storms, extreme heat, and all of the crazy other climate issues. There is no doubt that we have fresh water shortages in the world, and these shortages affect millions of people around the globe.  Water shortages are no respecter of whether we are living in a third world country or in a more economically sound country.

Speaking of economics, there is no doubt that one doesn’t have to look very far to see that we have serious economic issues around the globe. It is only a matter of time before we will be seeing higher prices, higher interest rates, with governments and business crashing all around us.  Oh wait…..that is already happening! We can’t build our society on debt and expect it to last for very long.  Its just can’t work.

We don’t have to look very far to see major natural disasters, happening all around us.  It really doesn’t matter where in the world you live, you are not exempt from natural disasters. They are getting more frequent and more severe in intensity.

We don’t have to look very far in the world of disease, to see that there are some pretty deadly viruses out there that we should be keeping a very close eye on. Many believe that this might lead to such things as zombie apocalypse, and such. I don’t lean in that direction, but I do believe that we could have some serious repeats of past pandemics which have serious results.



There is no doubt that we have some serious problems in the world with war and terrorism, just turn on the news.

We have problems with crime, that are spiraling out of control pretty much everywhere you turn.

There is no such thing as job security any more.

News: famine, drought, disease, plagues of stress, depression, alcohol and drugs, war, terrorism, economic failure, tornado, flooding, earthquake, job loss, sickness………………..

I think it is time that we ALL wake up.  The times are a changing and we need to be preparing!




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