Personal Preparedness Portfolio

PPP1I am a believer in being prepared for disasters, and for years have taught many classes on home and family preparedness, business, and church emergency preparedness.

I have put together this Personal Preparedness Portfolio, so that you can easily get yourselves prepared for anything, in this crazy world of chaos.

Your Personal Preparedness Portfolio will step by step, explain the core areas of preparedness, ask questions to help you decide how prepared you are, and offer advice as to what else you need to do. It really is a workbook and a resource guide, all in one great book.


In today’s uncertain world of natural disasters, war, economic challenges, water shortages, food shortages, disease, and so much other unrest, it is very important to become self reliant in our own homes. The more self reliant we are, the less we have to rely on others, or even worse the government, to help us in time of need. We can only rely on ourselves. That should be the goal of each of us, to become self reliant.


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