Finding More Time

Finding More Time

Everyone of us needs more time. 

Whether it is more time for family, play, business or leisure, the common factor is that we need more time.


Maria has spent an incredible amount of time to teach us all how to free up time for ourselves.

Along with this ebook (pdf download) comes seven bonuses:

Time Management for Creative People by Mark McGuinness

Dealing with Blamers by Catherine Pratt Blamers are people who always blame someone else for whatever happens.

If This is My Comfort Zone… by Charles Burke

The Bold Living Guide: Key Ingredients for a Meaningful Life by Barrie Davenport

10 Ways to Ignite the Passion in Your Life by Sharon Reid

Productivity Proverbs: Timeless Age-Old Time Management Wisdom by Dr. Jason Raj

Get Organized Now! Reader Tips Presented by Maria Gracia

All of these you get for the price of $19.95

I know that I have loved reading the tips and ideas because I really would love to have another few hours in each day.

You really should check it out here:

 Click Here!

If you choose to purchase this great package of books, I will receive a small percentage, which will go to supporting my efforts in keeping great content coming your way!


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