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Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day

Do my kids know me or what?  Even though I was down and out, most of the day not feeling good, my kids still made it a great day for me!  I absolutely love gardening, and call it my therapy!  Here are some of the treasures that they bought me for my gardening addiction!


Lots of gardening tools and even some seeds!

Lots of gardening tools and even some seeds!



An awesome flower pot with each little man’s footprints painted into a butterfly. Wyatt’s prints


What a keepsake!


Jaxson’s prints 4 months


Xander’s prints – 2 and 1/2


I love this little poem on this picture. I should have shut off my flash though. I am still learning photography!

The little poem says:  “Grandma hold me a little longer, Rock me a little more.  Tell me another story….. (you’ve only told me four!)  Let me sleep on your shoulder.  I love your happy smile.  I’ll always love you Grandma, so stay with me a while. ”  Isn’t that great?

Of course some chocolate added into the deal!

Of course some chocolate added into the deal!


More chocolate!  Yummm

More chocolate! Yummm

All in all it was a great day!  I got to see almost all of my kiddos, minus one, but I got to talk to him too!  Thanks guys for a great day.  Family makes it the best.  What would mother’s day be without the kiddos?  Right?  🙂



Letters to my Grandchildren – Be You!

Dear Grandchildren,

Do you know what authentic means? It means original, not a copy of anything else. I want you to each be authentic. You were each born with special talents and qualities that are unique to you. My hope for you is that you will recognize these qualities and become the best you that you can be.

Stand Out, Be Different

Stand Out, Be Different

One of my favorite quotes says, “Why are you trying so hard to fit in, when you were born to stand out?” I know that it is important as you go through school to have friends, and to try to fit in. I just pray that you won’t ever give up the special “you” that you are, to be able to fit in. Don’t give in to the peer pressure. Instead, why not be the leader, and lead out?

 If you love art, or building, or dressing a certain way, or a certain kind of music, or whatever it might be, don’t quit it or sacrifice it, just to fit in with someone’s idea of what they think you should be like. BE WHO YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO BE, and be the best at it.

For the most part, my kids figured this one out when they were in school. It was tough for some of them, to realize that they needed to love what they loved and not worry about what the other people thought of them. For some of them, it made them a little bit lonely sometimes.

I don’t believe that we are all supposed to fit into one mold. There is no one right way to be. Find your talents and your passions, and go for it. Auntie Rosie is probably one of my most visible examples of this. She loves to dress bold and crazy sometimes, and she doesn’t care if people like it, she loves it! I remember one time when we went to a party that was mostly older ladies, and she dressed pretty bold. She strutted into the building, and it was so awesome to watch the older ladies jaws drop open. She was modest, and looked really cute, but some of the ladies were a bit judgmental. I got quite a chuckle out of it.

Another example would be Auntie Llexie. She loves art. School was really tough on her because she was the kind of kid who

You are Unique.

You are Unique.

loved what she loved, and she wouldn’t give in to anything that was not what she wanted or believed in. She spent a lot of lonely years in high school and college, because she had special gifts, and many didn’t respect these gifts and talents.

 Don’t ever let anyone tell you who you should be like. You are unique. You are original. You are special in your own way. Run with it. Be authentic. Be a leader of who you are. Let your uniqueness shine forth in a big way! Be the best you that you can be!

I will always be your cheer squad!

I love you

Forever and always,



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A Grandmother’s Prayer

A Grandmother’s Prayer

“A Grandmother’s Prayer”

Oh Lord, I do not ask for much,
Eternal beauty, or youth, or such.
Just give me a little hand to hold,
And I’ll forget that I’m growing old.


I do not ask for cloudless skies,
A life that’s free from tears and sighs.
Just give me a little face to kiss,
And anxious moments will turn to bliss.


For what is there, really, that means so much
As little hands that reach and touch,
As little eyes that search and see
Only the best in fragile me?


So let me grow more loving and wise
By looking at life through their wide eyes.
For through these little ones, you have given
This grateful grandmother a glimpse of Heaven.


Author: Barbara Burrows

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Read Aloud with You Tube

I love Pete the Cat.  You can find many of these little videos on You Tube.  Xander and I love watching these.





Have lots of fun rocking out with Pete The Cat.  If you are ever wondering what to do to help entertain those little ones, pull up some read aloud books on You Tube.  It will keep them and you quiet for a long time! 

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If You Could Teach Them Anything?

I wonder if we could teach our grandchildren any one thing – what would it be?

There are a lot of suggestions if you like to do a little surfing of the web.  Here

Family - 11

Grandpa’s are so much fun!

are a couple of such sites that shared some good ideas. has a list of 100 things that we could teach them.  Some really good ideas if you ever don’t know what to do with your grandchildren.  Maybe even make a list of the ideas that would work with your own kiddos, and start making those memories.  They share ideas like setting a table, to making crafts and learning to whistle. has ten great ideas of things that we could share with our grandchildren.  These include history, emotional support and don’t sweat the small stuff.

I don’t know if there is one thing that is more important than the other, or one thing that rises to the top of the list, but if I could tell them one thing only, I think it would be to remember the first two great commandments of all time: Love God and Love your neighbors.  I don’t think that those commandments will ever change.  They have always been the most important, and I think they will always stay the most important of all human commandments that we could keep. If we can learn the value of these, I think we will always find happiness.

What would you teach them if you could teach them anything?



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Letters to my Grandchildren – A Place of Refuge

Letters to my Grandchildren – A Place of Refuge

Grandma’s house, a place of refuge

Dear Grandchildren,

We all need a place of refuge. A place where we can go to when the world seems to be beating us down. A place where we know that nobody is going to judge us. A place where we know we are loved. A place where there are warm arms just waiting to hug us. A place where we can go, just to be safe. This place is Grandma’s house.

You will have your days when you feel like you just can’t seem to get ahead in life, in school, in your home, in your job. You will have those days when you feel like you want to quit, because it just isn’t worth it. Please don’t quit, just come to my house, and I will help you through it. I will hug you and tell you that you can do it. I will give you some yummy food, whatever is your favorite at the time. I will let you just be in the safety of someone who loves you.


This is an I love you rock!

You will have your days when perhaps there are bullies that seem to be after you. Bullies can come in many forms. They can be kids at your school. They can be adults who are treating you bad. They can be someone that you love. They can be your boss, or another person you work with. Whoever the bully is, walk away and come to my house. I will help you figure out how to deal with them. Unfortunately we live in a world that judges people really harsh. For some reason, people think it is okay to be mean to others. That is never okay. There is never a good enough reason, to be a bully to someone else. Grandma’s house is a safe place for you to come. Nobody will ever hurt you there.

Grandpa and I, we will always have a safe place in our home for you. No matter what age you are, or what the storm is in your life, you can always find a place of refuge from it at our house. I will always do my best, to make sure that you feel that way.

If you ever doubt this, I would encourage you to just ask your parents about how much I will fight for my kids and grandkids. There is nobody more important in the world to me, than you guys. I will always be there for you, and together we can solve any problems. There is nothing that I am not willing to tackle to help you overcome any challenges. And if you just need a listening ear, I have two of them, and I have a zipper on my mouth that somedays, I might even close, just to sit and listen to you.

Don’t ever forget that my home is a place of refuge from the storm for you. No matter the storm, my door will always be open. In Grandma’s house, no judging allowed. Just hugs and kisses. Oh yes, we have to have these!

You are special

I hope you know how much

Love always,




Two and a half

I found this awesome little poem, but unfortunately there was nobody listed as the author of it.  If you have ever experienced the terrible terrific two year old’s, you will appreciate it.


Two And A Half

Hold him a little longer

Rock him a little more

Tell him another story

(You’ve only told him four)

Let him sleep on your shoulder

Rejoice in his happy smile

He is only two and a half

For such a little while!

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