Blogs I Maintain

I have a few blogs that you can follow my writings on.  I love to write.  There is a certain therapy that can only be found in the pen and paper.

Walk The Creek, is a blog focused on finding peace and happiness in a crazy world.  There are good things all around us, we just need to slow down and find them.  When I need to find that peace, or “go to my happy place”, as some say, I remember back to the days of my childhood, when I used to go for long walks with my grandpa, in a creek snuggled back in the foothills of the Southern Alberta Rockies.  This blog is my meanderings through our modern day creek of life.

Modern Day Grandma, is a blog that has a focus of life being a grandma today.  I am sure there is nothing more precious in life than grandchildren.  This blog has kind of evolved into a series of letters that I am writing to my grandchildren.  These letters are all of the advice that I want to give to my grandchildren, and perhaps others will share the same sentiments that I have.  Life is just too precious to not have good advice readily available for pretty much any topic that might arise with our grandchildren.  I think we can reach them when even their parents might not be able to.

Today While The Sun Shines, is a blog that I started many years ago, with regards to being prepared in life for disasters and emergencies.  I have been an avid prepper and food storage consultant and teacher for about 15 years now.  This area of my life has kind of slowed down somewhat, as I have taken on new skills and learning.  However, my blog is still somewhat active, and is full of great amounts of information.

I have taken a couple of my other blog ideas and incorporated them into this one blog “Scratchin Along”.  I have maintained a frugal living blog, which is now part of this one, and another blog about overcoming trials in life.  Both of these have become a part of my living a life from scratch.

I hope you enjoy following my meanderings and thoughts.  I would always love to hear your comments.



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