Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once a Month Cooking

Frugal Mom’s Guide to Once a Month Cooking


Candace does a great job in this ebook (pdf download)100 pages of great recipes to make frugal cooking a reality for your family.  She does a good job at teaching how to do the once a month cooking idea, which is a huge craze.  The nice thing about this guide is that, it is doable for everyone, it is real meals that are frugal and easy enough to do.


Here are a few thoughts from Candace’s page……

“If you are working harder and enjoying your family less…

…could be you are spending extra time in your kitchen that could be better spent enjoying your life. 

You’ve had a busy day, running errands, carpooling the kids, or maybe you’ve been at work all day.  It is 5:00 and you’re finally home.  As you rush through the door, the kids are cranky and everyone is asking what’s for dinner.  You open the freezer and realize you forgot to take meat out to defrost that morning.  You are now stuck with the stress of throwing together a meal at the last minute.  Or you decide, for the 3rd time that week to order out. 

If that sounds familiar, know it doesn’t have to be that way…

Meal time is simple because you have a freezer full of meals

Picture the same busy day again, but now when you open the freezer it is stacked with meals that are already prepared.  You simply select a meal, put it in the oven, and dinner is taken care of.  Gone is the extra time it takes to figure out what to cook, choosing a recipe that matches ingredients you have on hand, and gone is the stress of taking even more time out of your already busy day.”


You will have more:

Free time, money saved, fun cooking, organization, and family friendly recipes.

And it is all for $12.95

If you purchase this book it will help support my efforts in bringing you great content, as well as being a great resource for your family!


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