Blogging Ideas 10 + 10

26 Jun
Blogging Ideas 10 + 10

Blogging can be so gratifying!  I love doing it as a sense of accomplishment, a feeling of release, and a great hobby for free!  Sometimes however, it is hard to come up with things to write about.  I have lists all over that I make, so I am never short of ideas, but often I don’t want to write about what I am scheduled to write that particular day.  Yes, I do have a schedule and actually have a calendar of posts scheduled for a few months in advance, besides all of my lists.  That makes it easy for me to sit down, have a quick glance to find something that peaks my interest that particular day, and then start writing.

I was chatting with a friend the other day and she asked me “What the heck to people blog about?” Most people have this common misconception that blogging is all just people keeping a journal online.  To some extent that is true, and for the most part, that is how a lot of blogs get started, but it is so much more than that.  You can literally blog / write about anything that you want!  If your passion is in knitting, then write about it.  If your passion is in some kind of animal, then keep a blog about.  If you own a business, keep a blog to keep your online customers up to date and entertained.  If you are an author, or some other form of entertainer, maintain a blog for your fans.  The possibilities are endless, truly!

What could you possibly say over and over again?  If people are interested in the same passions as you are, it is likely they will read whatever you write and totally love it!  Here are a few ideas perhaps to get your inspiration flowing.

Ten blog ideas you could create:

  • gardening
  • sports – any kind will do
  • your field of expertise – what do you do for a living?
  • relationships
  • healthy living
  • cooking
  • animals
  • photography
  • being a parent
  • travel

Ten ideas you could write about on your personal blog:

  • little things that annoy you
  • quotes
  • things you have learned from a book
  • how to do something
  • letter to someone
  • scariest moment of your life
  • the house you grew up in
  • how has blogging changed your life
  • you favorite things to do
  • what motivates you every day

The possibilities are endless.  I actually have put together quite a few ideas and you can purchase them here for a very small fee.  It would help support my blogging efforts.  In this ebook you will find 590 ideas for you to write about on your personal blog, which many could be used and adapted for any subject.  You will also get Blog creation ideas, and ideas to blog about on your business blogs.  More ideas than you could possible use in one or even two years!

So you say “What do you blog about?”  Well, I blog about living life from scratch, like on this blog.  I also blog about my meanderings and thoughts in life here on Walk The Creek.  I blog about my family and our life here.  I blog about being a Grandma here.  I blog about creating blogs and using blogs for your business here.  I blog about personal and home preparedness here.  I have a blog that I maintain about the City I live in and have created it for business connections and resources in Medicine Hat.   I am in the process of making one that my family can share recipes with each other on.  I also have a few other ideas that may be created in the near future.  I love to write, and I hope that someday I can honestly say I am a full time blogger as well as an author.  Oh ya, you can also find me on my Amazon Author Page

As you can see the possibilities are really endless like I said.  If you love it, you can write about it.

If you need more ideas or have any questions – don’t hesitate to ask!  I love chatting with people and will love chatting with you!

Scratchin Along!

Scratchin Along!

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