Life Happens

13 May
Life Happens

You know when life  happens, you have all these plans and ideas, and life gets in the way!  It just happens!  There isn’t anything we can do about it except roll with the punches.  Right???

Hahaha!  This is exactly how I feel most days!!!

Hahaha! This is exactly how I feel most days!!!

I have been trying to consolidate life a little bit, in the places that can be.  Combining all of my blogs and places that I write, into one place – this one!  Soon all of the other options will be no longer.  I will only have my Scratchin Along blog.  You can however follow me here, because if you will notice at the top of this page, I have the posts that were on the other blogs, and I will still talk about all of my oddities like: preparedness, life, being a grandma, and everything else in between.  It will just all be here!

Like the new look of my site??  I LOVE READING!  When I found this theme that represents chapters in a book, and flipping through the pages, I kind of fell in love with it!  I know, weird right?  I guess you can only appreciate it if you are a book lover too.

So, just what has been getting in the way of life for me?  Well, life!  I always have great intentions to just kick back, read, write a bit, relax, and that just never seems to happen.  But once again life is intervening, and perhaps I will get more of that chance.  Health just might be forcing me to do a bit more of that relaxing.  We shall see.  Have a couple of doc appointments over the next little bit, they will be the deciding factor on how much I allow life to get in my way anymore.

What do you do when life gets in the way of what  you really want to do?  Is there a right or wrong answer?  Sometimes I just want to

I have always loved this quote.  Quit making other plans?  Nope! Then we just die.

I have always loved this quote. Quit making other plans? Nope! Then we just die.

forget life and do what I want to do, but then my conscience kicks in and I don’t.  I love the quote that I heard on a John Lennon song, “Life is what happens while you are busy making other plans.”  I have lots of plans, and then real life happens!  🙂

Oh well, keep posted as I have finally gotten these blogs all merged together and found the template that I love, now I can just get busy doing the writing that I want to do!




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One response to “Life Happens

  1. southernalbertagirl

    May 13, 2014 at 9:45 pm

    This template does suite you quite well 🙂 Hope it’s not something too serious with the health. Life does happen and I’ve come to realize that these little roadblocks we encounter are usually a sign to myself that I’m doing the right thing in my life and something doesn’t want me to do that so it tries its hardest to stop me. It was trying to stop us Friday night when we got the flat tire coming out of Lethbridge but we got to our booking only a little bit late. It’s been trying to stop us from being at the base right now by shutting down our climate control in the van, but we put an end to that and got it fixed. It’s trying its hardest with these things to stop us from moving but we’re not going to let it.


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