Living From Scratch

25 Mar
Living From Scratch

What does it really mean to live life from scratch?  Most people know what cooking from scratch means, right?  If you are going to cook from scratch, you use the basic ingredients, follow a recipe, and make a great meal.  You don’t cook already prepared meals, frozen or boxed.

scratchHow does this relate to life?  In my home, we like to use basic ingredients too.  Living life from scratch, means that we are trying to be self sufficient.  We are trying to do things for ourselves, instead of getting others to do for us.  We are trying to live a simplified life, in a world where that just isn’t what you do.  If cooking from scratch will improve our overall health and well-being, just think of what living from scratch will do for you?

By trying to be more self sufficient, we are always learning new skills.  Having to hire someone to do something for you, is kind of like by frozen dinners.  The price is always more expensive, and you don’t get to add your own flavoring to it. I am trying to teach my family, that if there is something that needs to be done, figure out how to do it, and get it done.  We have brains in our heads, we can figure out most things.  With technology today, information is only a button press away, so why not save yourself a whack of money, and learn to do things for yourself.

Living life this way has saved us thousands of dollars through the years.  In my book, The Frugal Living Guide, I mention how Google is my best friend, and my local library is my University.  If I want to learn something new, I will talk to my best friend and see what she knows, and I will go to my University, and see what they have to tell me about the subject.  Information is very accessible and very free!

Next time, you have a need, why not make Google your best friend too, and see what she / he can tell you about it.

Live life from scratch.  There is a great satisfaction in learning new things, and applying them in life!

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