Homemaking ideas – combining proteins

22 Jan

Have you ever felt that you have this hunger for knowledge and you just can’t seem to get enough?  I have been like that for the past little while.  I have been going to the library several times a week, checking out books on blogging do’s and don’ts, frugal living, and a few other things that I have been interested in learning about.  In fact, it seems that every time I have a few minutes, I want to take back the books I have rummaged through and find the next set.  My family thinks I am crazy, and maybe I am, but I just can’t seem to get enough information.  I

I love reading, and I love writing.  I am currently writing a pretty inclusive book all about living a frugal life.  It covers pretty much any topic that can relate to frugal living.  I am pretty excited about it all.  I have been learning a ton. 

I came across this one site today, called Frugal Family Home 

Their post is about 31 Days of Homemaking, and then at the end of her post there is a link to more than 1000 more days of Homemaking ideas to do, one for each day.  Some great guidance and inspiration here.  This has given me some thoughts on putting together my own calender – heck with this many suggestions a person could even attempt to get a calender organized for a whole year!  Okay, well maybe we should just go month by month.  That will be a great success for me!

Here is the site – The Nester that gives all of the other ideas for 31 days to homemaking.  Some really awesome ideas here on this site.  It is worth taking some time browsing.  I took alot of time.

I think we should never tire of learning and improving.  The knowledge is out there and it is free.  We can be the best that we need to be in our homes, and it doesn’t have to cost us a ton of money.  Take some time and go through those links above.  Set some goals and I would love to hear how they turned out for you.  When I get my days and goals set, I will share with you and I will certainly blog about it.  And I promise it will all be frugal ideas that will be beneficial for most anyone.  Stay posted.

I also posted a bit back that I would give you some facts about combining proteins to get a complete protein without eating meat.  This is good to know because cooking with legumes can be so much less expensive that eating meat all of the time.  The truth of that is – you can get your complete source of proteins without eating meat.  Combining a variety of proteins will form the complete protein that your body needs.  Here are some ideas:
– beans and rice
– cereals(grains) and legumes 

combining proteins

– dairy and grains
– dairy and legumes
Legumes meaning beans or lentils of some sort.  So really, keep this in mind as you are doing some meal planning, and food storage planning.  It is way cheaper to store, and easier to store legumes and grains than it is to figure out how to store enough meat, and how to pay for it all.  And to top it all off, it is better for your heart and waistline to eat less meat and more legumes.


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