What does frugal mean to you?

06 Jan

I have decided that frugal living means different things to some people than it does to me.  Imagine that!  Not everyone thinks and feels like I do!  I was at the local library this past week and decided to check out some books on living frugally.  As I have been going through them, I see how we all think so DIFFERENT on the SAME topic.  I guess that is what makes it something that is doable for everyone.  We can each be frugal in the parts of our lives that will make the biggest difference to each of us.

I am one who likes to make home made things.  In fact my daughter and I are setting up a youtube channel that will be specifically dedicated to these home made things.  Between us we have enough ideas to upload a video twice a week for three or more years.  Keep watching this blog and my facebook to follow us, hopefully by the end of this week, we will be going full force.

Others think that being frugal is sewing their own clothes, which I am terrible at!  Yes, I am actually terrible at something – imagine that!  I hate sewing.  I can do it, but will pretty much do anything else to get out of it.

Some like to cut back on eating out – which can save you huge.  Some are just so creative in decorating their homes by creating inexpensive decor stuff.  Can you tell by that sentence – that it is not my thing!  I am so not crafty – by my girls are and that is where they will come in with our youtube videos!

So no matter what your expertise is in, or what you think you are willing to give to be frugal, be yourself.  Not everything I say or show you, will be something that you can do, or will want to do. 

Think of it as a grocery store, you don’t go into the store to buy everything, you go to get what you need.  Use this blog and our soon youtube page, to get what you need to make your life better and more frugal.

Here are some frugal shopping ideas that can help everyone:

Keep a paper at home to add things to it as you realize you are out of things.  When you go to the store take the list with you and try really hard to stick with the list.  If you don’t have a list and you wander around trying to remember everything on the list, chances are that you will get a whole lot more and forget several things on the list.  Create a list and try to stick as closely as possible to it.  I have actually gotten to where if I have a list, I will often give it to my husband and ask him to pick things up on his way home from work.  He is pretty good with just going in and getting the list and getting out.  It is my weakness to go and and spend way more than I need to or should.

Watch the sales and be willing to go to the various stores to buy things on sale.  And if they are on sale, buy enough that you won’t need to purchase that item again until it goes on sale next time.  You will find that soon, your pantry will build up enough that you will shop mostly the sales.  This will save you a ton of money in the long run.  Prices are rising every day and if we can learn to watch for the good prices, and train ourselves to only buy them on sale, we have created a great habit.  Make sure though that whoever uses the last can or bag of something, writes it on that grocery list!

Don’t go shopping when you are bored or emotional or hungry.  Any of these are a recipe for spending a whole lot of money on things that you don’t need and are not healthy for you.

Don’t take the kids with you shopping.  They love to put things in the cart that are not on the list and then next thing you know, you have doubled the amount you were going to spend.

These are all just a few smart ideas to use when grocery shopping.  We will continue on tomorrow with some more home made recipes and ideas to save money!

Happy frugal living – for it should be fun, not miserable!

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