Grandma’s 95th

04 Jan

Last night was a pretty awesome night!  I would like to take today to honor my own grandma who turned 95 yesterday.  A few of us gathered to help her celebrate this amazing success in her life.

Still loving her ice cream cones

She was pretty amazed that she has managed to live this long, but we were joking at how I was sure it was the fact that she has always eaten her vitamins, and how when we were little kids she would always give us vitamins too. 

We talked for just a few minutes of all of the crazy things in the world that she has seen and lived through.  She was born in 1919.  I can’t even begin to imagine the things that she has seen in her lifetime.


She was a young girl as she went through the “Dirty 30’s”.  Here is a picture of when she was a young mom. This is her and Grandad and their three kids.  My dad and his two sisters, all who were there last night too. 

She was around through all of the great accomplishments that have happened through the last 95 years.  And she remembers most of them!

She has been a fantastic mom, grandma, great grandma, and not has quite a few great great grandchildren.  That is quite the legacy Grandma!    So cool!

And Now

Happy 95th

This is a picture of her and the three kids taken about a year and a half ago at my dad’s 75th birthday party. 

Blowing out the candles

Grandma, I hope you have many more birthdays still to come.  I would love to see you 100! 

She had a bit of a problem getting enough breath to blow out her candles, so had to have a little help doing that.  That is this picture below here.

Your so beautiful Grandma
Group photo of the 95th birthday party.


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