June 2013 what’s been happening in the world?

12 Jul
Here are some things to think about.  Any one of these events is bad enough, and these kinds of things have been happening forever, but all of these, plus more, at the same time?  This is only a sampling of what is happening all over the world.  I didn’t add in the mass animal deaths, or much of the political unrest or the wars, or even all of the disasters, because there just is not enough of me to go and figure it all out.  This post would be really, really long.  But I did gather a few of the events that have happened just in June – last month.
Keep in mind the ripple effects that all of these events are going to have.  Disease, no power, famine, lost lives, destroyed crops, destroyed cities, skyrocket cost of living, and so much more.  The devastation is almost too great for my mind to even understand.  

All I can say, is are we prepared for what comes our way?  Because given the stats of what is happening everyday, somewhere, it is only a matter of time before we experience something?  I know we have had some flooding here where I live, but it is nothing compared to what it could have been.  We were really blessed here in Medicine Hat.  Not so for our neighbors, just up the river, and even down from us.  They all got hit pretty hard.

Okay so now onto some of the things that have been happening for the month of June. 

Oklahoma had the two largest tornadoes on history both EF5 and the largest one was 2.5 miles wide at the base and was 300 miles / hour
2ndrain and major blooding across entire Europe, torrential rain and many landslides
2nd6.3 earthquake in Taiwan – felt in Hong Kong 7000 km away
3rdAustria has river of snow
6thChina – strong winds and rains causing massive flooding
8thStill massive flooding in Europe – highest levels in 400 years – Germany, Poland, Slovakia, and many others
8thAmerica extreme flooding and rain on East coastline
9th5.7 mag earthquake in Australia
9thFrance – rare tornado waterspout
10 tornadoes spotted on the sun
12thacross the mid west and eastern seaboard 300 storm reports, wall of wind, flash flooding, tornadoes, hail – a line of strong thunder storms – over 10,000 lightening strikes in one hour
17thtorrential rains and flooding sweeping away buildings in India
17th5.8 quake in Mexico City
18thFrance and Spain savage storms and flooding, tornadoes, flash flooding – this years harvest in many vineyards ruined due to hail
20thIndia flooding continues – at least 1000 dead – landslides have washed away roads and buildings
20thheavy rain in Switzerland and France – strong winds and flash flooding
20thWestern U.S – dozens of wildfires burning – extreme drought
20thMassive protests – civil unrest against government – millions of people
20thAlberta flooding – states of emergencies in dozens of cities and towns – 6 months worth of rain in less than 2 days
20thNew Zealand – worst storms in years with 200 km / hr winds
22ndColorado exploding wildfires everywhere
26thAustralia rainfall tripled the average June rainfall in less than 3 days – massive flooding
26thSupreme Court Ruling in America for gay rights – struck down the law that says marriage is between a man and a woman – all for equal rights
30th Florida Court House monument built – an Atheist monument
30th20 plus million in civil unrest in Egypt – government protests
30thDeath Valley in California reaches 50 degrees Celsius or 125 degrees Fahrenheit
30thtorrential hailstorms and rain cause more massive flooding in China – one hailstorm lasted for 10 minutes
30thmore record breaking rain in Australia

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