2013 January

06 Jul

Here goes with January disasters and happenings around the world.  This is not a complete list, but it is what I have found thus far.

Here is one of the links that I got some of this info from  Mass Animal Deaths there are quite a few links that show this kind of info.  Kind of crazy how many are happening in the world right now.  I am working on compiling lists for each month just for 2013, of all the natural disasters that are happening.  This doesn’t include the political unrest and war in most of the world, and the financial disasters happening in many parts of the world too.  Nor does it even begin to count the many smaller events that happen locally to each of us.  These are numerous.  I have had people tell me time and time again that it is just because we have media now that we know of all of these things.  And to some extent I agree that media makes these events available to us more than ever before.  However, never has there been as much unrest in the whole entire world as there is now.  The whole world is truly in “commotion”. 

Disasters of all kinds January 2013

January 1st – 150,000 lbs of fish found dead in China
2nd – thousands of fish freeze to death in China
3rd – hundreds of buffaloes, cows and goats dei from mysterious disease in Pakistan
3rd – mass fish kill in Thailand
4th – Heatwave begins in Australia temperatures in the high 40’s
4th – Several thousand dead fish in Oklahoma along lake
4th – massive fish kill along beaches in New Zealand
4th – hundreds of ducks suddenly die in Bali
4th – 30 turtles washed ashore dead in India
4th – mass fish killed in Florida
4th – mass fish kill along beach in Kenya
4th – thousands of dead sardines on shore in Florida
5th – Earthquake in Alaska 7.5 mag
6th – thousands of livestock killed by disease in kenya
7th – 50 baby sharks found dead along beach in Fiji
8th – record breaking heat in Australia – temps up to 54 degrees in some places
9th – 284,000 birds killed in Mexico because of Avian flu
9th – Rare snowstorm in Israel, with severe weather and up to 30 cm of snow in places that have never had snow
9th – thousands of sheep and cattle killed by wild fires in Australia
9th – 25,500 ducks and chickens dead in Indonesia
9th – 770 geese, large number of ducks and fish killed by sewage in China
9th – 70 red deer deaths in belarus – unexplainable
10th – Western Australia, huge dust storm and cyclone coming
10th – dozens of pig die from rare disease in Dominican Repulic
10th – tonnes of fish dead on beach in Indonesia
10th – 180,000 cattle dead due to cold weather in northern China
11th – Southern California – heavy snowfall and winter storm, freezing of many citrus crops
11th – thousands of dead birds washing up on Michigan’s shoreline
11th – hundreds of thousands of dead fish on Masonboro Island in America
12th – extreme hot and cold temperatures across America
12th – Australia still has extreme heat and over 100 fires burning out of control
15 – California coast is rising – biggest arctic ice melt in history
15 – Indiana is flooding
15th thousands of dead fish washed up in South Carolina
15th – 30 plus birds found dead in Louisiana
16th – thousands of fish washed ashore in Masonboro and Rawleys Islands
16th – 2200 chickens killed due to Avian flu in Nepal
16th – 2000 fish found dead on shore in Nebraska
17th – Indonesia – massive flooding
17th – Fires continue to burn out of control in Australia
17th – 40,000 fish washed ashore 2nd time in one week in South Carolina
17th – thousands of dead fish near Jatiluhur Dam in Indonesia
17th – countless number of fish found dead on shore in Florida
18th – more record breaking heat in Australia
18th – millions of dead fish in Okinawa Japan
18th – 9000 fish killed due to a viral outbreak in Scotland
18th – 100 Bats found dead in parklands in Australia
18th – 12 dolphins, 35 sea lions, 13 pelicans was ashore dead in Peru
18th – thousands of dead fish on Sarasota beach in Florida
18th – thousands of ducks die suddenly from bird flu in Indonesia
19th – Paris, Poland, Croatia, 11 major cities – record breaking snowstorms
21st – many tonnes of salmon killed due to new disease in Scotland
21st – Cyclone in Australia
21st – Freezing temperatures in London and Holland and Germany, freezing rain in Moscow
22nd – Arctic blast hits America – 50 below – ice and snow in many states
23rd – Cyclone in Australia creates massive flooding
23rd – 4000 lbs of dead fish found in ponds in China
23rd – 280 sea turtles plus lots of fish dead along shores in Costa Rica
24th – tonnes of freshwater fish dead due to lakes drying up in Australia
24th – thousands of dead starfish wash ashore in Lincolnshire England
25th – millions of oysters wiped out by a virus in Australia
25th – 15 donkeys die of mysterious disease in Chad
25th – 40,000 fish suddenly die in China
25th – massive snow storms across America – east coast under ice with drastic drop in temperatures
26th – Australia still in a state of disaster with flooding
26th – Africa – torrential rains – massive flooding along river in China
27th – thousands of birds killed due to avian flu in Cambodia
27th – fish and other sea creatures found dead in Malaysia
27th – 70 horses dead from a sickness in South Africa
27th – fish kill found along river in Philippines
28th – still flooding in Australia – massive amounts of foam coming in from the ocean
29th – masses of dead fish found in park ponds in Australia
29th – dozens of dead seals found on beach in Prince Edward Island
29th – 420,000 ducks have died from avian flu in Indonesia
29th – 13 elephants found dead in a forest in Malaysia
30th – large number of dead fish wash up in Queensland, Australia
30th – fish kill caused by algae bloom in Texas
30th – 9272 cattle died in Zimbabwe in one month
30th – sinkhole in China swallows buildings
30th – 6.7 earthquake in Chile
30th – tornadoes in Georgia
31st – hundreds of birds washing up along coast in England
31st – hundreds of fish dead in river in Australia
31st – thousands of fish killed by pollution in China

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