52 Weeks to Preparedness

04 Mar

52 Weeks to Family Preparedness for Two

Week 2

Our emphasis on this subject is not grounds for crisis thinking or

panic. Quite the contrary, personal and family preparedness should be

a way of provident living, an orderly approach to using the resources,

gifts, and talents the Lord shares with us. So the first step is to teach

our people to be self-reliant and independent through proper

preparation for daily life.” Victor L. Brown, Ensign, Nov 1976

Food Storage and Preparedness Challenge of the Week:

Food Storage Purchase 8 cans of Cream of Chicken Soup

Extra Item Purchase Laundry Soap to last 2 months

72 Hour Kit Obtain a blanket (wool is preferred) or

sleeping bag per person. Also – sleeping mat

Family Preparation

By your night stand place a pair of gloves, flashlight and shoes in case

of an emergency in the middle of the night.

Spiritual Preparedness

Read John 5:39, Mosiah 1: 7, and Alma 17: 2

Have personal daily Scripture study

Social and Emotional Preparedness

“What is the great strength of this Church? ….. It is the emphasis which we place on families….Keep your families close together and love and honor your children.” President Gordon B. Hinckley Parenting is one of the greatest and most challenging aspects of adult life. Whether a father and mother are coping with responsibilities of a young family or a challenging teenager, they can gain insight and perspective from these articles found here Parenting Issues – One of the Ten Common Challenges Facing Families

Physical Health

Maintaining the best possible physical health has been a gospel ideal throughout the ages – from the strict dietary laws of ancient Israel, with the example of Daniel and his associates, to the Word of Wisdom in this dispensation and the counsel of today’s prophets and apostles. By maintaining good physical health, we become more self-reliant and are better prepared to progress personally, strengthen the family, and serve in the Church and community. Work this week to plan eating a variety of food groups regularly. Plan them into your weekly menu plans. Here is a great pdf file all about Nutrition and Diet


When we have knowledge and wisdom, we are better able to discern truth from error and make good choices. Education is also a key to encouraging personal growth, preparing for suitable employment, building strong families, serving in the Church, and making a meaningful contribution to the society in which we live. One are we can become self-reliant in our education is to improve our communication with others. ( This week work on your communication skills. Even if it is just a simple “hello” to someone you normally would not speak to, or a visit to that neighbor you have been missing, take the opportunity to communicate to someone. It will help them as well as you.


Today is Fast Sunday. On fast day, we go without food and drink for two consecutive meals, if physically able, and then give to the Bishop a fast offering at least equal to the value of the food not eaten. If possible, we should be very generous and give more. The Bishop uses the fast offerings to care for the poor and needy. (Found on Fast with a purpose and pay fast offerings with a generous purpose as well. The blessings received will astound you!


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