12 Sep

Hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, earthquakes, tsunamis, fires, drought, famine, sickness, disease, financial issues, politics, wars, rioting, terrorism, job loss, flash mobs, food shortages, all manner of crimes, all manner of immorality, …………..hmmmm………I think that might just begin to cover the world today.  Yes there are great things also happening in the world, but our media doesn’t cover many of these.  They usually go unheard of, except by those whom are closely involved with them.  So for the most part it is the gloom in the world that should awaken us to a sense of urgency to get prepared in so many different ways. 
I haven’t posted on this site since June, summer just came on so quickly and then my life gets really, really, busy.  However, I definitely have not slowed down in my pace of preparedness!  No way, on that one!  I have been canning and dehydrating like crazy.  I have also been sorting, cleaning and organizing my preparedness – sometimes mine gets a little chaotic and unorganized!  I know, I know, I must admit I am not perfect either!  Smile  I must thank all of those who follow along on this blog, and those who frequent it regularly, because I really am impressed at how far reaching around the world this information is going.  I am sure that more people from afar read and are getting prepared than those who are close to home for me.
But as of recent, I have had several people ask me to once again get busy and get the information out there.  I had a great chat with a dear friend last week, when I went to visit her house, and I feel inspired once again to get busy.  I have been creating a list (which has reach almost three pages) of preparedness topics that I want to cover.  I am getting brave with my video camera and new camera, so I hope to have lots of videos and pictures to go along with articles that I will be posting.  I will also try to have a printout / handout for each article, that way you can create your own preparedness binders for ideas and recipes and information. 
So what I would like from any of my readers……… there anything YOU would like to hear about or learn about???  You can comment here and I will gladly get right on it.  Otherwise I will just start going down my list and post a couple of times a week. 
So keep watching, I have tons of things to share with you!
Thanks to those friends who have motivated me to get moving once again on my blog!  You know who you are!  Smile 


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2 responses to “BACK INTO IT AGAIN!

  1. Julene

    September 17, 2011 at 10:21 pm

    So glad you are back!! I have been checking all summer for a new post, so yay your back!! Have you made or used a wonder box oven? I really want to make one for another powerless cooking option. Also I have everything to make an applebox oven, but haven't put it together yet. I have been using my Global Sun Oven all summer, but I realize that there are a lot more sunless days than I ever thought Utah had. So I want to have several options in cooking without power.

  2. Davilyn Atwood

    September 18, 2011 at 3:07 am

    I have definitely used my wonder box oven. I love it. I actually have a few of them that I have made. They really do work. I have never made an applebox oven but a friend of mine has and it worked great and got up to temp. I will look into some of these things and get a post out, especially about the wonder cooker. I think my friends blog has the apple box cooker she made, I will find it and post the link. Thanks


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