52 Weeks, Week 47

23 Dec


52 Weeks to Family Preparedness for Two

Week 47

Elder Richard L. Evans, 1988 Church News – We must have faith in the future, regardless of the ultimate eventualities. There could be no greater calamity in this world than the calamity of sitting down and waiting for calamity. We must not let the things which we can’t do keep us from doing the things that we can do! The future will always be better for those who are best prepared!

Food Storage and Preparedness Challenge Of The Week:

Food Storage Purchase 8 Cans of Fruit

Extra Item Purchase 8 rolls of Toilet Paper

Family Prep: Putting together a library of helpful books is very important. These may be things like survival manuals, gardening, first aid, food storage, cookbooks, and others that you may find helpful for in any emergency or alternate living situations. Start to put together your list of books, then start to gather them into one location.

Spiritual Preparedness: Captain Moroni did much to fortify the Nephites against their enemies. Read Alma 49 and discuss with your family the ways you can fortify yourselves, your family, and our brothers and sisters in the Gospel against the enemies who try to lead us away from living gospel principles.

Area’s of Preparedness for any reason or season

1-One room living: Find one room that you have a heat source

in. Block off all hallways and exits with blankets. Set up camp

in this area.

2-Heating: Use whatever heat source you may have. Be sure

and ventilate if needed.

3-Cooking: You can make a buddy burner with a tuna can. Fold

newspaper into a fan. Roll and put into tuna can. Add wick.

Pour wax over it and let dry. You can also cook over an open

fire outside. Make sure and use heavy pans as your kitchen

pans will not handle the heat of open flame.

4-Showers: You can take spit baths with a bowl of warm water.

Poke a hole in a white storage bucket and put it on a ladder in

your bathtub. Put a container under it to catch any water that

falls. Stand in this container and have someone pour warm

water into the bucket. If you have a spigot and can drill a hole in the bottom part of the bucket you can turn it off and on.

5-Sanitation: Put a small bucket in your toilet. Put a grocery

plastic bag inside. Use this and then bury it outside away from

water lines.

6-Lighting: Flashlights will work different hours depending on

your brand of battery. Be very wise with your light. Make sure

your floors are picked up before it gets dark. Many accidents

happen after it gets dark and things are left on the floor.

7-Refrigeration: Freeze a block of ice in a plastic container

(outside) – do two if you have it. Put them in the freezer of your

fridge. This will act as an ice chest. Be careful not to have

many left overs, as we don’t want food poisoning! You can

store your miracle whip and things like this in it.

8-Food: Use whatever food is in your freezer first. Make do with

whatever food you have in your home – get creative – If you

have a hand wheat grinder – start grinding wheat before you get

hungry! It is hard work!

9-Water: If water has things in it, strain. Boil all water 10 mins.

You can also add bleach to it if you have it @ 3 drops per liter

10-Washing Clothes. You need a white bucket with a lid. Poke

holes in the lid about the size of a pencil. Drill a hole in top and

put a plunger through it into the bucket. Close lid and lift the

plunger up and down.


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