52 Weeks, Week 35

14 Sep


52 Weeks to Family Preparedness for Two

Week 35

“You will pardon me if I have talked with intense earnestness. It is not because I am angry-I am hurt; my feelings are wounded at the indifference, the carelessness, yea blindness, of many who belong to this great Church, because I know what the result will be. The Lord himself has spoken.

“Now let us go to our homes and wherein they are not in order, let us set them in order, get the Spirit of the Lord and keep it, observe the commandments of God that we may obtain his blessings, and let us demonstrate day by day by loving kindness and charity, and consideration to one another in these trying times, that we do know that God lives.” (George Albert Smith, Conference Report, October 1935, p. 122)

Food Storage and Preparedness Challenge 0f the Week:

Food Storage Purchase     8 Cans of Meat

Extra Item Purchase         8 Rolls of Toilet Paper

Family Prep:         Make sure you have a small first aid kit in each of your vehicles, and             also a battery powered radio with extra batteries.

Spiritual Preparedness:     Consider together as a family, who you can invite to the                                         Stake Conference to hear from our Stake President.

Squash Ideas

  • Slice, blanch, pat dry, roll in cornmeal, fry (but not too

    brown), place on cookie sheet, freeze, then bag.

  • Cut up, place in large skillet with chopped onion, butter

    and a shot of brown sugar. Cook until tender, put in bag and


  • Blanch green beans and add chopped onion and baby

    crookneck squash. Bag and freeze.

  • Try cooking several varieties of summer squash together. This will make a colorful side dish.

  • Try adding some of your favorite seasonings (dill, lemon juice or lemon pepper, Creole, chili powder) to summer squash that has been steamed, sautéed, or grilled. 

  • Squash can be used to make great tasting casseroles or in fast stir fry.

  • Marinate and grill it on the grill what a great taste

  • Sliced or grated raw squash can be a wonderful addition to your favorite salad.

  • Add sliced squash with dried tomatoes to rice when you cook it. 

  • Add yellow and zucchini squash to your next vegetable tray. 

  • Grated summer squash makes a good substitute for carrots in a carrot cake.


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